The tech behind the scenes of an autonomous robotics competition

Over the last few years I have been volunteering at a couple of autonomous robotics competitions for sixthform students. One called student robotics which runs over six months and a one week spinoff summer school called sourcebots. In these events the student teams design and build a fully autonomous robot to compete in a game,… Read More »

Making PCB end panels for enclosures

When making custom electronics, producing a quality enclosure for the boards can make any project look more professional. There are a large range of enclosures which use end panels, such as the Hammond 1593 series, which can be replaced by custom panels fabricated using standard PCB production techniques.  The result is a good looking enclosure… Read More »

Using USB Type-C on hobyist projects

The new Type-C USB connector is the latest addition to the USB connector standards. It offers reversible plugs, direction independent cables, USB3.1 speeds, and 3A charging in a connector only a little bigger than the USB 2.0 MicroB connector. In order to add these capabilities the plugs and connectors have additional configuration pins to allow… Read More »